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Home Page >Online Product Catalog > Primary Antibodies > Control IgGs (Non-immune) > Bovine IgG1-HRP conjugate (Serum Control, non-immune) purified (Pure Ig's)

Bovine IgG1-HRP conjugate (Serum Control, non-immune) purified

Catalog# Product Description Product Type Antibody Type Size Price
20001-G1-HRP Bovine IgG1-HRP conjugate (Serum Control, non-immune) purified Pure Ig's 100 ug $145.00


For research use only, not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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ADI Product Used Authors, Year, Journal, Title Technique used Comments
Hamster IgG control #20003-1 DiPaola R  2004  Clinical Immunol., 113, 64-73  Prevention of carrageenan-induced pleurisy in mice by anti-CD30 ligand monoclonal antibody &n  
IgG Rabbit control #20009 Jin VX  2006  Genome Res., Dec 2006; 16: 1585 - 1595.  A computational genomics approach to identify cis-regulatory modules from chromatin immunoprecipitation microarray data—A case study using E2F1 &n   chromatin microarray
Rabbit IgG control #20009 Bieda M  2006  Genome Res., 16: 595 - 605  Unbiased location analysis of E2F1-binding sites suggests a widespread role for E2F1 in the human genome &n  
Rabbit IgG control #20009 Jahr H  2006  BBRC 337, 349-354  Identification of acid-sensing ion channels in bone &n   human bone cells
Rabbit IgG control #20009 Blanchet MR  2007  J. Leukoc. Biol., May 2007; 81: 1245 - 1251  Modulation of eosinophil activation in vitro by a nicotinic receptor agonist &n   used as control for nACHR antibodies
Rabbit IgG control #20009 Jahr H  2005  BBRC 337, 349-454  Identification of acid-sensing ion channels in bone &n   human osteoblast and PBMC cells, used in IHC
Coating buffer Sow FB  2007  J. Leukoc. Biol., Oct 2007; 82: 934 - 945.  Expression and localization of hepcidin in macrophages: a role in host defense against tuberculosis &n   raw cells mouse macrophage Hepcidin secreted into the culture media and intracellular hepcidin were measured by a competitive chemiluminescence ELISA with biotinylated mouse hepcidin
Control IgG -goat#20011 Green MML  2005  British J. Cancer 92, 449-458  Expression of the proapoptotic protein Bid is an adverse prognostic factor for radiotherapy outcome in carcinoma of the cervix &n  
Control IgG -goat#20011 Usui T  2004  Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci., 45: 368 - 374  VEGF164(165) as the Pathological Isoform: Differential Leukocyte and Endothelial Responses through VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 &n   control IgG for R&D VEGFR1 ab
Control IgG -human#20007 Denny MF  2006  J. Immunol., Feb 2006; 176: 2095 - 2104  Accelerated Macrophage Apoptosis Induces Autoantibody Formation and Organ Damage in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus &n   serum IgG,
Control IgG -human#20007 Owens GP  2007  J. Virol., Dec 2006; 80: 12121 - 12130  Screening Random Peptide Libraries with Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis Brain-Derived Recombinant Antibodies Identifies Multiple Epitopes in the C-Terminal Region of the Measles Virus Nucleocapsid Protein &n   used hIgG for control RIA
Control IgG -mouse #20008 Zhao Y-G  2003  J. Biol. Chem., 278: 15056 - 15064  Activation of Pro-gelatinase B by Endometase/Matrilysin-2 Promotes Invasion of Human Prostate Cancer Cells &n   used control mIgG
Control IgG -mouse#20008 Tsutsui JM  2004  J. the Am. College Cardiology, 44, 5, 1036-1046  Detection of retained microbubbles in carotid arteries with real-time low mechanical index imaging in the setting of endothelial dysfunction &n  
Control IgG -rabbit#20009 Brand-Schieber E  2004  Brain Res., 1007, s 1-2, 178-182  Select ionotropic glutamate AMPA/kainate receptors are expressed at the astrocyte–vessel interface &n  
Control IgG -rabbit#20009 Chittajallu R  2005  J. Neurosci., Sep 2005; 25: 8601 - 8610  Downregulation of Platelet-Derived Growth Factor- Receptor-Mediated Tyrosine Kinase Activity as a Cellular Mechanism for K+-Channel Regulation during Oligodendrocyte Development In Situ &n   control IgG for rb
Control IgG -rabbit#20009 Fischer H  2005  J. Neurosci., 25: 3571 - 3577  Selective Modulation of Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Channel Subunits by Go-Protein Subunits &n  
Control Rabbit IgG Fulzele K  2007  J. Biol. Chem., Aug 2007; 282: 25649 - 25658  Disruption of the IGF-1 receptor in osteoblasts enhances insulin signaling and action &n   non-immune rabbit serum IgG; mouse Osteoblast

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