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ADI uses latest technology in peptide synthesis using fmoc/tboc chemistries to synthesize custom peptides to your specification (purity, quantities, etc.). We perform rigorous quality controls at various stages of peptide synthesis. All peptides unless requested otherwise, supplied by ADI are checked by mass spectrometry to determine the molecular mass. The expected (calculated) size must be found in the synthesized peptide. HPLC is performed to determine purity of peptides. There are no set-up fees for basic quality control (MS, HPLC).Delivery time will depend upon the size of the peptide, peptide modifications, amounts, and purity. Expected completion time will be given when peptide quote is requested or when orders are placed. Most average peptides (up to 20 AA, purity 70-85%, non-modified) can be delivered in about 2-3 weeks. ADI can also synthesize long peptides (~100 AA). All common peptide modifications (please see a list below) can also be performed.

ADI is truly a global company providing custom peptide and antibody services throughout the US and many international institutions. ADI’s services have been referenced in most top-ranked scientific journals.

Please note: ADI provides FREE assistance in identifying antigenic peptides from whole or partial sequences. Please see Selection of Antigenic Peptides, BLAST searches, Identification of Signal peptide, Transmembrane domains, and other common structural motifs (Click here for details)

Peptide Synthesis Ordering Information:

For Peptides up to 25 AA (please inquire about peptides 26-100 or more).

Purity Level

Std Average Amounts

Cat #
(US $)

Purification Charges Per Peptide

Crude and
Desalted (>40%)

15-40 mg

($14 Per AA)*


Antigen Grade (70-85%)

15-20 mg

($14 Per AA)*

+ Given on a quote basis


5-10 mg

($16 per AA) *

+ Given on a quote basis


~5 mg

($18 per AA) *

+ Given on a quote basis

* Due to the cost of peptide synthesis, mass spec, and other labor, there is a minimum charge of $150.00 per peptide regardless of the peptide length and purity.

All peptides are provided with mass specs and HPLC data. Average delivery time will be 2-4 weeks depending upon the purity level, and amounts. Please get a quote for peptides with higher purity, more than average amounts and for peptides longer than >26 AA (up to 100 AA). We must see the sequence(s) for these rates to be valid. Many peptides, although shorter in length, are extremely difficult to synthesize and purify.

Notes: ADI does
not offer so called "free shirts or other Freebies". We believe in providing the best value for your money. If you already have quotes from other companies, please send an actual copy of the lowest written quote by fax/email. We will be competitive and match their offer a save at least $50 or more per peptide. All peptides are made to meet or exceed your specifications.

If peptides are intended for the production of Anti-peptide antibody, it is greatly recommended that you consider adding a Cysteine at the NH2 or COOH-terminus for coupling to carrier proteins (KLH, BSA, and Ovalbumin) via the free -SH group. Cysteine provides by far the best mode of coupling. It will not be necessary to add any Cysteine if it is already present in the peptide sequence. Please see Commonly Asked Questions About Custom Antibody Services for additional guidelines. ADI has an efficient and economical custom anti-peptide program. Please see our Custom Antibody Service Section. We also offer Custom peptide Conjugation.

Optional Peptide Modifications:

Biotinylation, phosphorylation (tyrosine, serine, threonine), Amide, Acetylation, hydroxylation, Fluorochrome, Sulfation, Nitration, and cyclization etc., are available at an extra charge. Please Contact ADI for current prices and availability.

Please send the peptide sequence by e-mail, phone, fax or postal mail to determine the specific requirements and actual pricing.

Amino Acid Sequencing:

ADI can sequence your peptide or proteins (up to 10-30 cycles) from NH2-terminus. Please Contact ADI to discuss sequencing strategy and prices.


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