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Secondary antibodies and Conjugates
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2nd antibodies and antibody conjugates
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List of Isotype Controls, non-immune/control Sera & Secondary_Antibodies. More….

Secondary Antibodies-Bird
Secondary Antibodies-Bovine
Secondary Antibodies-Cat
Secondary Antibodies-Chicken
Secondary Antibodies-Camel
Secondary Antibodies-Dog
Secondary Antibodies-Donkey
Secondary Antibodies-Ferret
Secondary Antibodies-G. pig
Secondary Antibodies-Goat
Secondary Antibodies-Hamster
Secondary Antibodies-Horse
Secondary Antibodies-Human
Secondary Antibodies-Monkey
Secondary Antibodies-Mouse
Secondary Antibodies-Pig
Secondary Antibodies-Rabbit
Secondary Antibodies-Rat
Secondary Antibodies-Sheep
Secondary Antibodies-Wild Life (Racoon, Coyote, Alligator, Opossum, Bat, Macaw, Whale, Skunk, Ferret)

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Catalog# Product Description Product Type Data Sheet Size Price
Sambucus Nigra bark Agglutinin (SNA) purified, unlabeled Secondary Antibodies PDF 1 mg $95.00
Rabbit Anti-Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA, Triticum vulgaris) IgG Secondary Antibodies PDF 100 ul $335.00
Wheat germ agglutinin Lectin (WGA)-biotin conjugate 0.5 ml $195.00
Wheat germ agglutinin Lectin (WGA)-FITC conjugate 0.5 ml $195.00
Wheat germ agglutinin Lectin (WGA)-HRP conjugate 0.5 ml $195.00
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