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Antibodies are listed by product category such as "A" for all antibodies and related items under “Acetyl Co-A carboxylase including ACC, CPT and AMPK”. You can view the antibodies by product category or search by common names or the ADI catalog #.

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Defensins Alpha, Beta, HNPs, HBD1-6, Matrilysin/MMP7
Dinitrophenol (DNP)/Anti--Ovalbumin, Anti-DNP ELISA kits
Dismutases (SOD1-3), CCS, Glutathione Peroxidase (GPX1) and Catalase
DNA repair
Dopamine Receptors (DR1-5), DOPA Decarboxylase/Transporter (DAT)
Epithelial Sodium channels/ENACs
EP receptors 1-4 (Prostaglandin PGE2 receptor 1)
Estrogen receptor alpha, beta (ER-alpha, ER-beta)
Fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs)
Fatty acid synthase, desaturases (FADS1-3), FASN)
Ferritin (L and H-chain), Transferrin receptors 1-2, Tfr1-2
Fusion proteins (GST, His, Myc, Beta-Galactosidase, MBP, VSV)
Fusion Tag Antibodies
GABA A receptors (alpha, beta, gamma, delat), GABARAP
GABA B receptors (GBR1a, GBR1b, GBR2)
GABA Transporters (GAT1-3), Betaine/GABA (BGT-1), Vascular (VGAT)
Galanin Receptors (GALR1-3)
Ghrelin receptors (GSHR1)
Glucagon, GIP, OXM, GLP1/2 receptors, secretin, GHRF
Glucose transporters (Glut-1 to Glut-14)
Glutamate Decarboxylase (GAD65, GAD67)
Glutamate Transporters
Glutathione Transferases alpha, mu, pi (GST-alpha, mu, pi)
Glycine Transporters (Glyt-1, Glyt-2)
Growth Factors

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