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Antibodies are listed by product category such as "A" for all antibodies and related items under “Acetyl Co-A carboxylase including ACC, CPT and AMPK”. You can view the antibodies by product category or search by common names or the ADI catalog #.

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Na Ka Cl Transporters (NKCC1-2), TSC
Na+/ H+ exchanger regulatory factor (NHERF), Merlin and Syntenin
Natural Resistance Assciated Macrophage Proteins (NRAMP1-2), MTP1, DMT1, Dcytb
Nephrin (NPHN), NEPH proteins (NEPH1/2), Podocin, Podocalyxin, Filtrin
Neurite Outgrowth Inhibitor (Nogo-A, -B, and -C) and Nogo Receptor (Ngr)
Neuroligins 1-4 (NLGN1-4)
Neuromedin (NMU) and Neuromedin Receptors (NMUR1-2)
Neuropeptde Y receptors (NPY1R-NPY6R)
Neurotensin and Neurotensin Receptors 1-3 (NTR1-3)
New Primary Antibodies
Nitric Oxide Synthases (nNOS, bNOS, iNOS, eNOS)
Obestatin (OBSN1-3) and GPR39 receptors
Orexin (Hypocretin-A/B) & Orexin Receptors (OX1R-OX2R)
Organic Anion Tranporting Polypeptides (OATP, Oatp1-3, LST-1, PGT)
Organic Anion Transporters (OAT1-4, OATK1/K2)
Organic Cation Transporters (OCT1-3 and OCTN1-3)
Oxytocin Receptors (OTR), musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene family (MafF)
p73-alpha, p73-beta, p63, p53
Pentraxins (PTX3) and Neuronal Pentraxins (NPX1-2)
Per1-3, dPer, Tim1, MOP3, and MOP4, Clock, BMAL
Potassium Chloride Cotransporters (KCC1-4)
Presenilins (PS1-2), ApoE
Prolyl hydroxylases (PHD1-3/EGLN1-3)
Pyruvate Kinases L, M, R (PKM, PKL, PKR)
Neuron-specific enolases (NSEs)
Nuclear pore glycoprotein p62

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