Antibody Terminaology Related to ADI Peptides, Proteins, and Antibodies

Animal Species: 

M= Mouse; R=Rat; H=Human; Rb=Rabbit; G=goat; B=Bovine, Mo=Monkey; P=pig; Sh=Sheep; GP=Guinea Pig

Antigenic Peptide or Protein epitope location 

CT= near C-terminus; NT=near N-terminus; Internal=Middle of protein. EC=extracellular; CP=cytoplasmic domains * ; CP1 or EC1, when mentioned refers to CP domain #1 or EC domain # 1 etc. Protein topology is based upon predicted protein models and the information is either derived from published information or ADI internal protein data bases.

** Expected antibody crossreactivity information is mostly based upon high (>70%) sequence conservation of antigenic/control peptides in various species. When antibody crossreactivity has actually been experimentally confirmed in various species, it will be mentioned in the appropriate data sheets. This information is provided in the Specificity and crossreactivity section of the data sheets.

"Neat Antisera or antisera" are the unpurified antiserum and it is suitable for ELISA and Western. It can be tested for other applications (IHC, IP etc) if affinity pure antibody is not available. High background may be observed.

"Affinity pureIgG is more suitable for immunohistochemical (IHC) applications and to reduce background. It is also suitable for ELISA and Western.

"Control peptides" can not be used for Western as they are very short peptides (1-3 kda). Control peptide should not be run on SDS-gels. They are intended for ELISA or antibody blocking studies to establish antibody specificity. See a general protocol.

Western blot +ve protein controls, where available, are semi-pure, pure or recombinant proteins that are formulated in SDS-PAGE sample buffer. They are recommended to be used for Western (load 10 ul/lane) for visualization with antibodies. WB controls are not biologically active. Typically, we provide sufficient protein (10-200 ng/10 ul) to give good intensity bands using ECL in Western. WB controls are not intended to be used as known standards. 

Purified Recombinant proteins, where available, should be used for ELISA or for known standards for ELISA or Western. These proteins generally retain biological activity as well.

All Products are for in vitro research use only. rev 40812A