Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or MSDS (material safety data sheets)

Many individual antibodies and proteins have either sodium azide (0.05-0.1%) or sodium merthiolate or thimerosal (0.01-0.02%) (exact concn specified in the product data sheet or the manual). Please refer to kit insert for detail instructions. Applicable SDS-MSDS, if not already on file, for the following reagents can be obtained from ADI or the web site.

TMB (substrate), H2SO4 (stop solution), and Proclin-300 and BND (0.1% v/v in standards, sample diluent and HRP-conjugates).

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SDS – TMB Substrate cat # 80091

SDS-Sulfuric Acid (Stop solution #80101)

SDS-Proclin-300 (in Sample diluents or antibodies)


SDS-80101-Sulfuric Acid-MSDS

SDS-Proclin-300 MSDS

90100 MSDS

5-Bromonitro-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane (BND)




SDS- Sodium Azide

SDS- Thimerosal or Merthiolate

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