Custom Peptide Synthesis Service and Price Guarantee:  

Quality of custom services: 

For approx. 25+ years, ADI has been providing the custom services to researchers all over the world. As a result, ADI is perhaps the best-cited company as evidenced by several 100s publications in top-ranked journals. We do not rely upon statements that cannot be verified or relied upon. Our testimonials are high quality publications citing the use of ADI services. A recent list is posted at the web site.  

Service Guarantee: 

All peptides are provided with mass specs and HPLC data and conform to the specification in the quotation or order. ADI does not charge any set-up or base charges unless pre-approved in writing for certain special peptides. We do our best to make all peptides even it means repeating peptide synthesis at our won cost. In very rare case, if we are unable to meet the specifications then there will be no charge.  

Price Guarantee: 

ADI believes that it offers the best possible service at most economical prices. If you know of a provider in the US who offers the same services at a lower price, we will not only match their prices but also offer $50.00 discount per project from their lowest list price. Please fax or email us a written quote from the provider. We shall meet the lower quotation.