Custom Purification of Antibodies

The antigens (peptide or proteins) must be coupled to agarose to prepare the affinity column. Typically, 1-5 mg antigen is sufficient to prepare a decent size affinity column that may be sufficient to process 2-15 mls of antiserum. Synthetic peptides can be coupled to agarose via:

1. Available free Cysteine (preferred method of coupling)

2. Available free amino or COOH groups (should be avoided as most peptides contain several NH2 and COOH groups available in a given peptide sequence resulting into multi-point attachment and peptide distortion.

ADI can just couple the peptide or protein to Agarose and supply the affinity column or perform antibody purification as well.

Ordering Information:

Pre-activated agarose to prepare affinity columns

1. For peptide containing free Cysteine –Use C-Link Agarose

2. For peptide containing free NH2–Use C-Link Agarose

Custom conjugation of peptides/protein to Agarose

Cat # AFFI-2Custom conjugation of peptide to agarose, $295 per peptide (couple ~2-5 mg peptide)

Affinity matrix is supplied in a ready-to-use mini column.Time ~2-4 working days. We also offer complete affinity purification package Cat # AFFI-I for the preparation of affinity matrix, purification of antibodies, and ELISA testing. Time 3-5 working days.

This package typically includes: Coupling of peptide/proteins (up to 2-5 mg peptide to Agarose), purification of any 1 bleed or ~ 15 ml antiserum; ELISA testing of both unpurified and affinity pure antibodies, and supply of affinity column. We also monitor the antibody activity in the unbound fraction to make sure antibodies are not overloaded and wasted.