Project Extension Form (EXT-3) Optional extension of antibody projects

In general, we utilize 63-days standard immunization and bleed schedule (please review FAQ section for details). Typically, there will be 1-preimmune and 2-immune bleeds (15-20 mls for rabbit) scheduled. The bleeds are tested by ELISA and affinity purified (if requested) and shipped to researchers. The standard project period will terminate and project will be put on hold for 1-week pending any instructions from the investigators. Often, researchers would like to extend the projects for 1-6 months and collect more bleed (2 bleeds per months) before terminating the project without or with a final bleed out (collect 50-60 ml serum after killing the animal). There is $60 charge per animal (may change for different animals or revised). There is approx. $150 per animal per month. It is possible to keep one or both animals for a desired period. You can send email or call us to discuss all charges related to the project extension.

All optional project extension requests must be made in writing 1-week prior to the schedule termination date. Failure to inform us in writing will lead to the project termination as schedule.

Use our online form to extend your custom antibody project or add bleeds at termination. You must use a major credit card to order online. PO# (USA or Intl) cannot be processed on-line. Please use the pdf forms.

NOTE: You must enter a NEW and valid PO number for project extension.

If you are terminating all animals as scheduled and there are no other changes to your project, please complete Form EXT-4 instead.

International Projects, due to shipping constraints, will not be extended unless scheduled at project initiation.

A given protocol, as well as 1 or more animals per projects, can be extended as desired, depending upon the availability of antigens, on a monthly basis only. Extension charges are determined by per diem housing, number of injections and bleeds. For example, one rabbit, chicken or Guinea pig can be housed for 1 month for just $150.00 per month (includes housing and care, 2 injections, and 2 std. bleeds).

Animals can be bled out ($60/animal) at any time to collect additional antiserum or simply terminated with no antiserum collection.

Important: All project extension/modification requests must be submitted at least 1 week prior to the scheduled extension.

Please contact ADI for for protocol extensions beyond 3 months, or for projects involving more than 5 animals or species other than chicken, rabbit or Guinea pigs.

You may also print Form EXT-3 if you would like to mail or FAX (210-561-9544 ) your extension:
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