Custom antibody purification and modifications 
In most cases, it is preferable to use a purified antibody for improve signal or reduce background. For a variety of other applications, it may be necessary to purify the antibody and then prepare antibody conjugates (biotin, HRP, FITC etc). ADI can purify the antiserum that is made by us or supplied to us. Following services are offered: 
  1. Custom affinity purification of antisera (made by us or supplied to us). We will need 2-5 mg of the purified antigen to prepare the affinity column. Please make sure that the purified antibody does not contain any carrier protein (BSA, casein, gelatin etc) and it is also free of any amine containing buffers (Tris etc). 
  1. ADI offers very simple, ready to use antibody/protein biotinylation, HRP and FITC conjugation kits. Purified antibody can be modified as needed. ADI can also perform these modifications (please contact ADI with details and for pricing).